How we began


SEFM was formed by a group of museum and gallery professionals dedicated to finding out more about sustainable exhibitions.

Our aim


SEFM works towards sharing knowledge to improve the sustainability of the design, production and staging of exhibitions.

How we work


We aim to meet on a quarterly basis to share and discuss ways on how to exhibit in a sustainable manner.

Get in touch


We work purely on the basis of sharing information and are always keen for people to get involved. If you're interested in attending any meetings please use the contacts page.

Exhibitions Going Green Survey 2018 - Ten Years On

Sustainable Exhibitions for Museums (SEFM) and Stephen Mellor would like to invite you to complete the on-line 'Exhibitions – Going Green Survey 2018 – Ten Years On', through the following link:


Closing date is the 30th August so please get your responses in soon!

We are looking for survey responses from museums or galleries of any kind – multiple sites may want to submit by each major site. We wish to once again review our industry to assess how environmentally sustainable or ‘green’ our work practices and institutions are, and how our approaches to exhibitions have changed in the last ten years.

More information can be found on the SEFM blog.