LED Lighting at the Tate

October 1, 2013

A conservation perspective power point on LED lighting in galleries by Helen L Smith, Tate Preventive Conservator.


Slides are avaliable here.


What makes LED lighting different?


•New technology, developing all the time

•LEDs are solid state, there's no glass and no filament

•They don’t burn out; they ‘fade away’!

•They are never ‘too hot to handle’


What is great about LEDs?


•Virtually no UV

•Virtually no IR

•Very little heat output (more in retrofit than new)

•Dimmable without changing colour temperature

•Highly energy efficient

•Contain no mercury

•Some LED lamps may fade some dyes less than conventional lamps.


Why might we worry about LEDs?


Will it damage the art?


•High peaks in the short wave end of the spectrum (blue)

–The shorter the wave length the greater the damage to sensitive surfaces


•Very high peaks at any point in the spectrum

–Risk of hole-burning


•Real concerns as recently as 2010. Research produced new guidelines in 2011, revised in 2012 and available on request

–US ‘Gateway’ research (Jim Druzik; Stefan Michalski)

–UK light spectra research (Joeseph Padfield, National Gallery)






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