RE·THINK: Environment

April 23, 2015

RE·THINK opens up the National Maritime Museum’s collections to visitors so that they can explore the central themes of the Museum. In collaboration with Invisible Dust, RE·THINK: Environment asks questions about climate change and its effect on our lives.



Works on display include:


Mariele Neudecker’s Cook and Peary which explores the landscape of Greenland through photography and sculpture


Adam Chodzko’s audio work Rising (see image above) which captures a science fiction future of a city (Newcastle) under water as a result of climate change – SEFM enjoyed a performance of this piece on Saturday 11 April. Chodzko raised the question of whether an artist should represent something or create a psychological shift within us. Does climate change become an opportunity to change the way that we consume, encounter objects, interact with materials and each other?


Eve Mosher’s HighWaterLine project which marks out scientists’ prediction of future flooding in Bristol.


Silas Birtwistle’s A Table From The Sea’s Edge which consists of a large set of table and chairs made from driftwood to promote conservation of the world’s coasts and marine life


Tamsin Relly’s Arctic Circle residency allowed her a glimpse of ‘surreal, other worldly’ landscapes that inspired her work. Relly made an interesting point about the navigators on her trip amending their maps for every visit due to the receding glaciers. Relly was the artist in residence at the Museum during SEFM’s visit.






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