ACE: Cultural Leadership

August 27, 2015

With 2015 looking like a critical year for responding to climate change, Arts Council England's Relationship Manager Ian Rimington reflects on why we need cultural leadership. Ian sits on SEFM's steering committee.




Above: 66 Books at The Bush Theatre. Photo: Philip Vile



'But Climate Change – its causes, its impacts and how we can respond to it - is far more than (just) an environmental issue. It is also a political issue, an energy issue, a societal issue, an equal rights, national and international, health and moral issue. It’s a governance issue, a human issue and – not least – a profoundly cultural issue. And one that needs cultural leadership.'


'We need to recognise the scale of risk and investment opportunities available; we will need to encourage better thinking, more investment in adaptive technologies and innovative partnerships.'


'The commitment, passion and participation from the arts community continue to be a source of hope. This community is well placed to be at the forefront of building a strong and confident public cultural voice on sustainability.'


Read his blog post on the Arts Council England's blog here.



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