A Tale of Two Cities Artists' Sharing Event

October 2, 2015

A Tale of Two Cities Artists' Sharing Event @ The Whitworth on Tuesday 13th October


A fortnight today, Landlife is holding an Artists’ Sharing event at the Whitworth Art Gallery.  


As artists, curators, arts funders, collaborators and activists, YOU ARE INVITED!  




The idea behind the Tale of Two Cities programme which Landlife won - in partnership with Friends of Everton Park and Manchester City Council as the two lead city partners - has always been to use big splashes of wildflowers as inspiration for how the neighbourhoods of Hulme and Everton can be more connected to nature, more welcoming, more colourful, more safe, just outstanding!  


With some further monies from Kew and a grant from Arts Council England, we were able to invite a number of artists to respond to the wildflowers this summer over the flowering period and this event is to share their thinking and open up a space for collaborative ideas to start to be realised into the 2nd year of the project




The event is split into two halves to allow you to join the afternoon at the point most relevant to your area of interest.  Broadly speaking the first half is a sharing of visual artists responses to the swathes of wildflowers in Hulme and Everton this summer, and the second part explores poets’ and musicians’ responses.  


Attached are some moodboards which have informed the first part of our journey.  Going forward from this, we will be building our programme of celebratory events and workshops for next Spring/Summer with the aim of creating a strong legacy from the Grow Wild England Flagship Award 2015-16.  




Répondez S’il Vous Plaît to pollymoseley@mac.com by Monday 5th October ;)


This programme is subject to change!  




1.30pm                        Colour Changing Views


                                    Woody Guthrie’s quotes “write about what you see” and “sing about what you have seen" have become Landlife mottos over time.  Some of the most successful and sustainable public art projects in Europe have transformed the way we see our cities.  From subways to high viewpoints, it is no accident that this Grow Wild England Flagship chose Everton and Hulme and connecting trunk roads in these two cities to sow and celebrate annual wildflowers this year.  The feedback has been that views and feelings towards the places, viewpoints and hidden spaces have changed.  These visual artists will share how the experience of these places and meeting people has come through in their workshops and small-scale commissions:-



  • Caroline Tattersall, ceramicist, Manchester

  • Rachel Gadsden, painter, London

  • Draw and Code, digital / graphic Artists, Liverpool

  • Morag Myerscough, London


and we will hear from one69a in Salford though they can’t join us.




2.30pm                        Break Out 


                                    Opportunity for smaller cross-disciplinary groups to spread out in the gallery spaces, exchange and work on ideas.  Groups will be defined before the event based on list of attendees.  Please indicate if there are key people who you would like to work with.




3.15pm                        Landscape Sounds and Language 


                                    Rob Macfarlane speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Open Book about talks about “Progressive Parochialism”.  We need to take care of the way in which we value and foster local intelligence in these neighbourhoods which have undergone violent change with so many cycles of demolition over a short space of time.  In this session we will hear from some writers, poets and the curator of the music exchange programme, as we think through collectively what type of language, sound and narrative can spring from the work we’re building to create a contemporary myth, perhaps with reference to Dickens’ Tale, perhaps not!


  • Ben Mellor, Manchester

  • Yaw Owusu, Liverpool

  • Lemn Sissay, London




4.15pm                        Where We Go from Here?  


                                    As Dave Barlow from Manchester City Council’s Environmental Strategy Team reminded us in Alexandra and Hulme Park this Sunday, some seeds take longer than a year to germinate.  The longer you wait for the perennials to flourish the richer the diversity of wildflower meadows and therefore the stronger the resilience.  We will close with some thoughts about the future of this programme in 2016 and beyond.

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