TESS Demountable

December 8, 2015

Our Story


TESS Demountable was established in the last millennium with the aim of providing a range of demountable museum showcases with the same levels of security, aesthetics and performance characteristics as permanent gallery cases.


Unlike permanent gallery cases, ours can be assembled, dismantled, relocated and even reconfigured - by the end user.  There are no magic tricks and no compromises, just well developed engineering solutions based on feedback from our thousands of customers over the years.


Our showcase solutions are sustainable, recyclable, reconfigurable and elegant.  They’ve helped generate millions in additional income to venues hosting temporary and touring exhibitions which required permanent gallery showcase standards.



Our Sustainability Programme


As part of our sustainability programme, TESS Demountable are proud supporters of UK tree planting and carbon offsetting – helping to reduce the impact of our emissions on the environment.


For each of our cases sold, a beautiful, native broadleaf tree is planted in the UK on our behalf.


Our programme, in conjunction with leading carbon management business Carbon Footprint Ltd, has been running for a number of years now and contributes not only to carbon reductions and biodiversity, but also to the education of children as the trees are regularly planted in school grounds, often by the kids themselves.
















Our Commitment to the Environment


TESS Demountable is committed to both sustainable solutions to showcasing needs, and to a sustainable environment. Tree planting provides a great way to sequester (absorb) carbon dioxide, one of the six harmful greenhouse gases from our atmosphere, thereby alleviating the effects of climate change.  The programme also provides support for biodiversity and a natural habitat for wildlife.


We know trees can take a long time to sequester CO2 and can be difficult to quantify, so for every tree we plant we are entitled to retire a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) carbon credit that ensures that 1 tonne of carbon has been offset on our behalf.


By December 2013 we reached the milestone of 1,000 tonnes of carbon offset – this will continue to grow (along with the trees) as time goes by.  We are happy that our trees are steadily adding to the lungs of the world for future generations.


We don’t stop there


At the end of their lifetime, our cases are at least 98% recyclable as they comprise mostly metal and glass, we are working hard to make that 100% as soon as we can.


Our brochures, stationery and business cards are all printed on sustainably sourced stock and are completely recyclable.  We even use vegetable based inks and adhesives to make our brochures as tasty as possible.


Our new link with Sustainable Exhibitions for Museums is a perfect fit for us.




TESS Demountable – the Sustainable Showcase Company




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